Friday, 29 November 2013

Performance design and practise - experimenting with light

In my first week specialising in 'performance design and practise' we looked into how light in different colours, from different angles and in different intensities can effect the narrative.
For example in the first image the green light from behind is daunting, one might be scared of what is coming, such as a sci-fi alien invasion! In contrast the 4th image down looks similar to a sunrise or sunset. The soft light from the side is rather comforting, suggesting hope and warmth. However my favourite is the 6th image. The way the narrow stream of white light stands out so strongly against the already powerful green light is really interesting, your eye seems drawn to it and intrigued by the meaning. 

Here is a video of a short narrative we invented to give some purpose to the variations of lighting we had experimented with.